1. Do I need special equipment to train at home?

No. Depending on the workout you choose, you need comfortable clothing and sneakers for toning workouts and you will work barefoot on Healthy Spine and Yoga workouts.

2. What accessories will I use during my workouts?

In the description of the programs, you will find listed the accessories that we use depending on the type of program you have chosen.

Basically, you need a little space to make sure you are safe when you train, a mattress, a pair of dumbbells, 1/2 elastic band and a broomstick. 🙂

3. If I haven’t exercised before, is it okay for me to train at home?

Yes. The BASE package can help you learn a good exercise technique. Also, you will find 3 videos with warm-up exercises (preparing the body for effort) and 3 videos with stretching (coming back after exertion). These are meant to help you train safely, avoiding injuries.

4. What is different about your programs?

Everything and nothing! Nowadays, you have millions of videos to train with. BUT, there are few coaches who integrate such a wide variety of programs, all designed and thought out for you to have the best results!

We have created programs and subscriptions so that you can introduce sports into your daily schedule and, implicitly, help you create a new, active, healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The variety of programs, my experience as a teacher, instructor and sports pedagogue will help you stay in the best shape and always motivated!

5. Do I need a doctor’s permit in order to train?

Yes, it is advisable to have the consent of a doctor to train. Whether you choose to train at the gym or at home, with a coach or by yourself, the consent of a doctor to ensure that you do not have conditions that can worsen is very important.

6. Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Yes. You can choose to pause your subscription at any time. Unsubscribe can be done at the end of the month so that the payment for the next month is not charged.

7. Can I record or download videos?

No! Copying or recording videos is a violation of copyright and is punishable under applicable law. Access to the platform is given through the paying account.

8. How long do the training results start to show?

It’s up to you! Each body is unique and has its own rhythm to adapt to training. I challenge you to change the above question with the this one: if I train consistently and seriously, will my body change?

Yes! You need patience and consistency to get the results you want, but I promise they will show up and make you very happy. You will have a harmonious body, a beautiful posture and a lot of energy. This is a promise!

What’s your goal?

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